You can puchase talisman credit packs here on the website and checkout securely with your debit or credit card. Our packs are very affordable and have a 3 month expiry date. This enables the member to book onto a class and only pay for what they're attending. Meaning if you're on holiday your money isn't being wasted while you can't attend. A great way to keep track of what you're spending but also how many times you're exercising per week.

With each class holding small numbers up to 14 maximum the sessions are as personal as they come. This will give the instructors time and space to scope the room and help as much as they can.

The classes at talisman have been carefully chosen to compliment each other. Hitting a couple of GRIT workouts per week along with one CX WORX and BODYBALANCE is sure to give anyone fantastic results.

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Our results speak for themselves, but just in case you wanted a little convincing

I would recommend TALISMAN classes to anyone, whether you have a goal or just want to have fun whilst getting fit. It’s not just exercise, it’s a new lease of life. - Rian

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Since joining talisman i have completely changed my body composition, my mindset towards training and more importantly, life in general. The results are visible! - Nina

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talisman has helped me not only change my physical appearance but has improved the way I see myself and go about my life. Thank you, so much. - Matt

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