Team hannah

Hi, I'm Hannah and my mission as a Personal Trainer is a little bit different to what you may think. I aim to make my clients stress less, panic less, worry less and rush less when it comes to exercise and diet. Our mindset towards wellness has evolved into this high impact, high stress fast paced thing. I aim to help people find a healthy and sustainable lifestyle balance rather than extreme methods.

We all have different goals we want to achieve from training.... It may be a competition, to lift a certain weight or to look a way that makes you happy... One of the best things about my job is helping others to gain the same confidence in themselves... Whether it's me helping them drop a dress size or two, gain some muscle and improve their lifts so they feel strong, or helping them with skills to perform their sports even better... I love that each session they walk away feeling more confident and happier knowing that they are that much closer to their goal and being part of their journey motivates me even more when it comes to my own journey. 🙌🏼

Enjoy it more, don't be scared to slow down and most importantly - have fun with it!

If you are interested in 1-2-1 or training with a friend then please contact me for more details!